2018 STEP Music

in-home music lessons

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Step music program offers piano lessons for kids 5-15 years old. Step course is an innovative musical program with a thoroughly unique approach where students no longer learn theory from the book, it is learned through the games and different forms of musical activities. Playing piano means doing 3 things at the same time: practice the keyboard, learn theory and improvise. All at the same time!


Lesson rates are as follows:

45-minute lessons: $55

60-minute lessons: $75

Working hours:

Monday-Friday 8am-10pm


tel: +14154906528
San Francisco

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Discover different sides of existence through music.

Carry the knowledge over to the other domains of life.


The brain is a muscle and music is a whole brain workout.

Develop motor, visual and audio skills while playing, doing fun quizes.


Cultivate creative thinking through self-expression.

Create as you practice technique. 🎹

Learn theory through improvisation.

The research is in and it tells us that every part of the brain benefits from musical training. 

The enhanced intelligence that comes from learning an instrument carries over into countless other aspects of life. 

An understanding of music theory and direct experience with an instrument unlocks a secret world. 

Performing, composing, and collaborating with other musicians takes discipline, dedication, and practice. 

The rewards are countless, carry over into other aspects of life, and last a lifetime.