STEP Music offers music lessons in San Francisco, CA. Our teachers employ a unique approach where students study theory and technique not only with the help of books but also through games and other forms of musical activities. Studying music means doing 3 things simultaneously: practice the instrument, study theory, and improvisation. 


Lesson rates differ depending on the instrument and preferred lesson time. We offer:

30-minute lesson
45-minute lesson
60-minute lesson

Contact us for details or if you're ready to schedule your first lesson!

Working hours:

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

tel: +14154906528

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Discover the world of music and apply the knowledge towards the other domains of life.

Find your own place in this newly discovered world.


The brain is a muscle and music is a whole-brain workout.

Develop motor, visual and audio skills while learning, playing and having fun with music.


Cultivate creative thinking and unobstructed self-expression.

Create as you practice. Acquire theory through improvisation.

Performance, composition, and collaboration with other musicians and the audience takes discipline, dedication, and practice. ​But rewards are truly immeasurable and last a lifetime.

Are you ready to take the Step?

Every part of the brain benefits from musical training increasing its elasticity, which contributes to memory and could even help avoid the many ailments that appear in old age.

Naturally, whatever comes through music and learning an instrument is carried seamlessly over into other aspects of life. 

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