2018 STEP Music


Step music program is an innovative course to study music. Kids learn music theory through improvisation, games, quizzes and quests. You will never hear dry theory at our lessons, it will always be fun to discover those triads and scales. It is great news that you can learn music killing 3 birds at the same time:  learn theory, practice piano and improvise. All at once! 

Every child is talented, we all have our talents sitting in our DNA. Music on the other hand is a very broad activity. You can use music to discover your inner talents. Step music program has got a core curriculum: piano and its branches: theory, improvisation, singing, listening. You may be finding yourself doing it all at our lessons. 


Our logo represents 7 notes - every wedge stands for a note: C-red, D-orange, E-yellow, F-green, G-blue, A-dark blue, B-purple. We use this color learning to identify between the notes. We also use slice of lemon to explain the basic concept of music: duration.