This review is for Dina, who has been teaching my daughter piano for a little over a year.  I will start by saying that I wish I had a piano teacher like her when I was growing up!  Dina has a real passion for music, and she strives to show her students how to experience music for themselves.  
In addition to the traditional music theory and performance instruction, Dina has tailored her approach to teaching my daughter based on her interests and skill.  


For example, she plays games with my daughter that help with learning theory (with pencil and paper and on the keyboard).  They also listen to her favorite pop songs and clap out the beats.  They talk about famous composers and listen to the classics.  


After a few months, Dina had my daughter start playing Bach.  I will admit that getting her to practice is still a struggle, but then again I hated practicing as a kid too.  I check in with Dina often on her study and I am happy that we are able to discuss different strategies to keep my daughter interested in studying piano. 

Overall, my daughter is building confidence and pride in playing piano.  She felt quite proud performing Minuet in G at the recital and playing for family and friends.  I believe that this has helped her appreciate the hard work she puts into practicing and taking lessons.

I am more than happy with Dina's teaching.

— Tina V.

2020 STEP Music